Courses and Concentration Information

This page will help you find out which mathematics courses to take and provides information on the mathematics concentration, joint concentrations, secondary fields, and the teaching option.


  • Beyond Math 1: If you have completed the Math 1 sequence at Harvard or if you have had equivalent material elsewhere, which courses to take next?
  • The Math Concentration: In depth Concentration information for those considering a Mathematics Concentration, Joint Concentration, Secondary Field, and Mathematics Teaching
  • Courses in Mathematics: Guidelines for courses to take in Calculus and beyond, especially if you’re considering a Mathematics Concentration
  • Mathematics Tutorials: Tutorials (Math 99r) are a great way to learn a topic not usually covered in the curriculum. They are taught in small groups by a graduate student and require a final paper which can count as the “third year expository paper” requirement for math concentrators.
  • Honors Senior Thesis: A senior thesis is recommended for all Mathematics Concentrators and required for a high Honors degree.
  • AB-AM Degree Program: The Department offers the AB-AM degree, which allows students who are primary mathematics concentrators to obtain a Masters degree (AM) in Mathematics—in addition to their Bachelors degree (AB)—during their four years at Harvard.
  • Graduate Schools and Fellowships in Mathematics: Information and advice for those going on to advanced degrees in Mathematics.

Math Concentration Advising Events

  • Advising Fortnight (late March, early April each year): the department hosts a question/answer session with current Mathematics concentrators and the Directors of Undergraduate Studies with refreshments.
  • Math Table special event: “Who wants to be a math concentrator?”, also during Advising Fortnight. A panel of current math concentrators will answer all your questions about math concentration! More info on the Math Table page.
  • The Advising Programs Office will schedule events in early fall before the concentration declaration deadline for sophomores to meet with concentration advisors, and in particular to meet with advisors from Mathematics.
Contact information

You can also reach out to one of us, we are happy to discuss your situation and the best course of action for you. Here is how to contact us for more information:

Professor Laura DeMarco
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Science Center 337
(617) 495-2147

Senior Lecturer Wes Cain
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
Science Center 515
(617) 495-1790

Cindy Jimenez
Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
Science Center 334
(617) 495-9116