Undergraduate Math Table

Math Table is a colloquium jointly run by the Harvard Mathematics department and undergraduate students. The purpose of Math Table is to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to be exposed to interesting mathematical topics, as well as to gain experience in communicating and teaching mathematics. Speakers include undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and gues speakers.

Talks take place in Science Center 507 on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm.

Who Can Attend/Give Talks?
All students, irrespective of their mathematical backgrounds, are strongly encouraged to attend and/or to give talks. Talks come in a wide array of topics, background levels, and styles. The Math Table organizers are here to help you pick topics and develop your talk, so even if you aren’t sure about what your topic is, you should come speak with us! The two best undergraduate talks at the colloquium each year will win the Rogers Prize.

To sign up to give a talk, or if you have any questions about Math Table, please send an email to Phil Wood pmwood@math.harvard.edu.

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