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Arithmetic curves lying in compact subsets of affine schemes


April 14, 2021      3:00 pm
Speaker: François Charles - Université Paris-Sud

We will describe the notion of affine schemes and their modifications in the context of Arakelov geometry. Using geometry of numbers in infinite rank, we will study their cohomological properties....
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CMSA Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics: QCD without diagrams


April 15, 2021      10:30 am
Speaker: Michael Creutz - Brookhaven National Laboratory

QCD, the theory of the strong interactions, involves quarks interacting with non-Abelian gluon fields. This theory has many features that are difficult to impossible to see in conventional diagrammatic perturbation...
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On the cohomology of moduli of abelian varieties


April 15, 2021      4:30 pm
Speaker: Melody Chan - Brown University

I’ll discuss recent work using tropical techniques to find new rational cohomology classes in moduli spaces A_g of abelian varieties, building on previous joint work with Galatius and Payne on M_g. I...
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CMSA Math Science Literature Lecture Series


April 16, 2021      1:00 pm
Speaker: Yi Ma - University of California, Berkeley

TITLE: Deep Networks from First Principles ABSTRACT: In this talk, we offer an entirely “white box’’ interpretation of deep (convolution) networks from the perspective of data compression (and group invariance). In...
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Emerging frontiers in nuclear magnetic resonance


April 20, 2021      10:00 am
Speaker: Haribabu Arthanari - Harvard Medical School

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a powerful spectroscopic technique that provides information about matter at an atomic resolution. One of the applications of NMR is to decipher the molecular architecture of biomolecules including nucleic...
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