Undergraduate Events

The Undergraduate Events Committee oversees, organizes, and advertises math-related talks and events put on the department and student math organizations. We aim to engage the undergraduate math community outside the classroom and create a welcoming and inclusive environment in the department, particularly for under-represented groups in math. On this page, we link to some events or event series which take place at the Harvard Math department and nearby.

Math Table

The Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium (a/k/a Math Table) sponsored by the Mathematics Department, meets every other Wednesday night at 4:30 pm PM in Science Center 507, with food following the talk. At each Math Table, students give talks on diverse topics of pure and applied mathematics. Students, irrespective of their mathematical backgrounds, are strongly encouraged to attend and/or to give talks.

Open Neighborhood

Faculty talks aimed at students will take place in the Open Neighborhood Seminar which meets on the other Wednesday nights at 4:30 pm in Science Center 507.

To have an event listed on this Undergraduate Math Events Calendar please email pmwood@math.harvard.edu
To have an event listed on the main Harvard Math Events Calendar please email seminars@math.harvard.edu

For more information on the Math Table go here.

For more information on the Open Neighborhood Seminar go here.