Undergraduate Job Opportunities

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Course Assistant Jobs

Course assistants (CAs) are an important part of the learning experience of students taking our math courses. The CA position is a great job for those people who want to get involved in teaching math, and in interacting with students to help them learn. It is also a real responsibility – this is a professional job, and we expect that CAs will meet all of the requirements during the semester. Students in math courses often count on the CAs to help them out – in fact quite a number of students find it easier to relate to the CAs than the instructors or TFs in their courses as they are closer in age.
Please note you must be a current undergraduate Harvard university student (not on leave) during your position as a CA. Also, we do not hire first-year undergraduates in CA positions. Focus on your studies during this year of transition, get to know the culture and expectations of our math courses, and please come back next year to apply!

How To Apply

  • For more information on becoming a course assistant for our calculus, or lower-level, courses (numbered M through 21), please click here.
  • For more information on becoming a course assistant for Math 22 and above, please click here.

Research-related jobs

For Research-related jobs, jobs in industry, other postings, see this page.