Financial Forms

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NonEmployee Reimbursement Form Must accompany any non-employee reimbursement request
Travel Reimbursement to Foreign Nationals To certify not to receive income payments from Harvard University during next 45 days. See back of form for details
Deposit Prepayment Enclosure and Special Mailing Form Expedite check processing and enclosure option for enclosures and mail
Check Inquiry Request form Stop a check or get a copy of a University check
Wire transfer authorization Form Make a payment using electronically transferred funds (US Dollars only)
Missing Receipt Affidavit (MRA) Must be used in lieu of missing receipts over $75 (except conference expenses, when expenses under should be recorded as well)
Business Meals Track Form To collect information about the purpose of business meals and participants
Payment Approval Form To obtain approval from Faculty on payments for visitors or vendors involving Start-up funds or Federal funds. Used to get approval on subcontract invoices.
Expenses under $75 (without receipts) Must be used in lieu of missing receipts under $75.
Grant Relevance Statement To guarantee the expense is relevant and appropriate to the project of the grant
Federal Awards Travel Reimbursements Exception (DOC)
Traveler using non-U.S.-flag air carrier on travel to be charged to federally sponsored awards
In Lieu of Invoice Form Form is to be used in lieu of invoice for Refund, Honorarium, Prize and Fellowship requests.
W-9 Form Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Credit Voucher (.XLSX) Spreadsheet: must accompany all cash and check deposits. See form for details and exceptions.
Dept. of Homeland Security Form Homeland Security Visa payment form. is automatically delivered to HIO
Emergency Check Pickup Form For emergency situations where a check must be physically picked up at 1033 Mass Ave.