Senior Faculty Research Interests

Denis Auroux Herchel Smith Professor of Mathematics Symplectic geometry
Laura DeMarco Professor of Mathematics Dynamical systems, arithmetic geometry, and complex analysis
Noam D. Elkies Professor of Mathematics Number theory, computation, classical algebraic geometry, music
Dan Freed Shiing-Shen Chern Professor of Mathematics, Director of the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (CMSA) Geometry, topology, and interactions with theoretical physics
Robin Gottlieb Professor in the Teaching of Mathematics
Joseph Harris Higgins Professor of Mathematics Algebraic geometry
Michael J. Hopkins George Putnam Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics Algebraic topology
Mark Kisin Perkins Professor of Mathematics Number theory and arithmetic geometry
Peter Kronheimer William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics Topology, differential and algebraic geometry, and their applications
Eric Maskin Adams University Professor at Harvard Game theory, contract theory, social choice theory, political economy
Barry Mazur Gerhard Gade University Professor Number theory, automorphic forms and related issues in algebraic geometry
Curtis T. McMullen Maria Moors Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences Riemann surfaces, complex dynamics, hyperbolic geometry
Martin Nowak Professor of Mathematics and Biology Mathematical biology, evolutionary dynamics, infectious diseases, cancer genetics, game theory, language
Mihnea Popa Professor of Mathematics Algebraic geometry
Yum-Tong Siu William Elwood Byerly Professor of Mathematics Several complex variables
Clifford Taubes William Petschek Professor of Mathematics Nonlinear partial differential equations and applications to topology, geometry, and mathematical physics
Lauren Williams Dwight Parker Robinson Professor of Mathematics Algebraic and geometric combinatorics
Melanie Matchett Wood William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry
Hugh Woodin Professor of Philosophy and of Mathematics Set theory, determinacy, and strong axioms of infinity
Horng-Tzer Yau Merton Professor of Mathematics Probability theory, quantum dynamics, differential equations, and nonequilibrium physics

Junior and visiting faculty areas of interest provide an additional resource for graduate students. In addition, the department hosts a number of weekly seminars, and students have access to resources and seminars at the Harvard University Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (CMSA).