Teaching Requirements

All students are required to have two terms of classroom teaching experience as preparation for their likely future role as teachers.

Students with no outside support: In the first year, students automatically receive an offer of the full departmental fellowship with no obligation to teach. The department offers second, third and fifth year students half the departmental stipend without an obligation to teach, but students are required to teach to cover the other half of the stipend. The department caps the amount of teaching students are required to do, so if a student teaches one section of calculus, or the equivalent, and the teaching pay does not support the half-year stipend, the department will supplement the teaching salary.

Work restrictions on student visas may limit international student teaching. Please check with the International Office or the Graduate Program Administrator before finalizing your teaching plans.

Teaching equivalence is based on the time committement the department perceives to be involved in teaching jobs. The following are considered be equivalent to one section of calculus:

  • One tutorial (teaching)
  • Two CA sections for Gen Ed
  • Two CA sections of applied math
  • Two jobs at the Math Question Center
  • Two GCA courses in our department

The following are considered to be equivalent to two sections of calculus:

  • Two tutorials (teaching)
  • Three CA sections for Gen Ed
  • Three CA sections of applied math
  • Four GCA courses in math department
  • One section of calculus (teaching) and one CA section of core/applied math
  • One section of calculus (teaching) and two GCA courses in our department

There are other teaching possibilities, which will be allowed on an ad hoc basis, but this list gives an idea of what is expected.

Students offered outside support: If students are offered outside support, they are expected to take the funding. For students allowed to defer outside fellowship support, the department expects students to use the funding in the first and second years. Students who choose to defer funding in the third or fourth year will need to teach twice one of the deferral years to cover the full stipend. For instance, a student who chooses to defer funding in their third year, will need to teach two sections of calculus or the equivalent in one of the deferal years in order to receive the full departmental stipend.

The department’s teaching staff helps students find appropriate teaching jobs. While student’s teaching preferences are considered, the teaching staff works under many constraints, and it is necessary to balance student preferences with the needs of the department. Students who have done a conscientious job on previous teaching assignments are more likely to get their preference in subsequent years. Students need to make teaching plans well in advance and in consultation with the teaching staff. Students should not change their teaching commitments on short notice or plan to travel during a term when they are teaching.

Students making satisfactory academic progress may teach beyond the minimal requirement outlined above. Students who are not required to teach as part of their funding package may teach if jobs are available. Pay for additional teaching will supplement other sources of funding. Students must take the initiative to find additional jobs. In assigning teaching positions, first preference is given to those required to teach for funding. After that, positions will be allocated to those with the strongest teaching credentials.

The department provides continuing students with summer support. In addition, a number of teaching opportunities are available during the summer.