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Lojasiewicz inequalities and Morse-Bott functions


October 12, 2018      3:30 pm
Speaker: Paul Feehan - Rutgers

Abstract: The Lojasiewicz gradient and distance inequalities for real analytic functions on Euclidean space were first proved by Stanislaw Lojasiewicz (1965) using methods of semianalytic and subanalytic sets, arguments later...
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From smooth to almost complex


September 21, 2018      3:30 pm
Speaker: Weiyi Zhang - Warwick

Abstract: An almost complex manifold is a smooth manifold equipped with a smooth linear complex structure on each tangent space. We will discuss differential topology of almost complex manifolds, explain...
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An invitation to homological mirror symmetry


September 14, 2018      3:30 pm
Speaker: Denis Auroux - Harvard

Abstract: We will give a gentle introduction to some recent developments in the area of homological mirror symmetry. We will use simple examples to illustrate Kontsevich's conjecture and its extension...
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