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Prismatic Dieudonné theory


May 13, 2020      3:00 pm
Speaker: Arthur-Cesar Le Bras - CNRS/Paris-13

I would like to explain a classification result for p-divisible groups, which unifies many of the existing results in the literature. The main tool is the theory of prisms and...
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Angular momentum in general relativity


May 12, 2020      3:00 pm
Speaker: Mu-Tao Wang - Columbia University

In the theory of general relativity, defining a valid notion of angular momentum is proven to be an even more challenging task than the definition of energy/mass. In this talk,...
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Euclidean quantum field theory: axioms and automorphic forms


May 12, 2020      10:00 am
Speaker: Werner Nahm - Dublin Institute for Advanced Study

The partition functions of euclidean quantum field theory can be described as functions on the moduli space of compact manifolds with Riemanninan metric that have few generalized derivatives. The conventional...
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Gauge theory for string algebroids


May 7, 2020      4:00 pm
Speaker: Mario Garcia-Fernandez - ICMAT

We introduce a moment map picture for holomorphic string algebroids, a special class of holomorphic Courant algebroids introduced in arXiv:1807.10329. An interesting feature of our construction is that the Hamiltonian...
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