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Canonical heights and vector heights in families


April 9, 2021      10:00 am
Speaker: Alex Carney - University of Rochester

Canonical heights are a standard tool of arithmetic dynamics over global fields. When studying families of dynamical systems, or systems over larger fields, however, there are significant geometric obstacles to...
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Outward-facing mathematics


April 7, 2021      4:30 pm
Speaker: Jordan Ellenberg - Wisconsin

I will talk, pretty casually, about random walks, which I first learned about as part of my Harvard undergrad thesis in finite group theory, and which turn out to be...
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The motivic Satake equivalence


April 7, 2021      3:00 pm
Speaker: Timo Richarz - TU Darmstadt

The geometric Satake equivalence due to Lusztig, Drinfeld, Ginzburg, Mirković and Vilonen is an indispensable tool in the Langlands program. Versions of this equivalence are known for different cohomology theories such as...
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Quasimodular forms from Betti numbers


April 6, 2021      8:00 am
Speaker: Pierrick Bousseau - ETH

This talk will be about refined curve counting on local P^2, the noncompact Calabi-Yau 3-fold total space of the canonical line bundle of the projective plane. I will explain how...
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Hodge filtration on local cohomology and applications


March 30, 2021      3:00 pm
Speaker: Mihnea Popa - Harvard University

This describes joint work in progress with M. Mustata, in which we study the filtration on local cohomology sheaves induced by their natural mixed Hodge module structure. Special properties of...
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