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CMSA Special Seminar: How will we do Mathematics in 2030?


February 24, 2020      3:00 pm
Speaker: Michael Douglas - Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

We make the case that over the coming decade, computer assisted reasoning will become far more widely used in the mathematical sciences. This includes interactive and automatic theorem verification, symbolic...
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The Kerr Photon Ring


February 21, 2020      10:30 am
Speaker: Alex Lupsasca - Harvard University

The Event Horizon Telescope image of the supermassive black hole in the galaxy M87 is dominated by a bright, unresolved ring.  General relativity predicts that embedded within this image lies...
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CMSA Colloquium: Quantum Money from Lattices


February 19, 2020      5:15 pm
Speaker: Peter Shor - MIT

Quantum money is a cryptographic protocol for quantum computers. A quantum money protocol consists of a quantum state which can be created (by the mint) and verified (by anybody with...
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Max Dehn and the Dehn Twist


February 19, 2020      4:30 pm
Speaker: Peter Kronheimer - Harvard University

Max Dehn made many remarkable contributions to mathematics, and his name pops up in lots of places, most often in topology, where we have "Dehn surgery", the "Dehn twist", and...
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Malle’s Conjecture for octic $D_4$-fields


February 19, 2020      3:00 pm
Speaker: Ila Varma - University of Toronto

We consider the family of normal octic fields with Galois group $D_4$, ordered by their discriminant. In forthcoming joint work with Arul Shankar, we verify the strong form of Malle's conjecture for this family of...
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