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Canonical heights and vector heights in families


April 9, 2021      10:00 am
Speaker: Alex Carney - University of Rochester

Canonical heights are a standard tool of arithmetic dynamics over global fields. When studying families of dynamical systems, or systems over larger fields, however, there are significant geometric obstacles to...
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Irreducibility of periodic curves of cubic polynomials


March 5, 2021      10:00 am
Speaker: Jan Kiwi - Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

In the moduli space of one variable complex cubic polynomials with a marked critical point, given any $p \ge 1$, we prove that the loci formed by polynomials with the...
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Some applications of Vojta’s conjecture to arithmetic dynamics


February 5, 2021      10:00 am
Speaker: Yohsuke Matsuzawa - Brown University

I will discuss applications of Vojta's conjecture to some problems in arithmetic dynamics, concerning the growth of sizes of coordinates of orbits, greatest common divisors among coordinates, and prime factors of...
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