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Quantitative Logarithmic Equidistribution and S-Integrality


September 23, 2021      4:00 pm
Speaker: Jit Wu Yap - Harvard University

Given a rational map defined over a number field, the Galois orbits of points with canonical height tending to zero will equidistribute to a measure supported on the Julia set....
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CMSA Active Matter Seminar: The many phases of a cell


September 23, 2021      1:00 pm
Speaker: Krishna Shrinivas - Harvard University

I will begin by introducing an emerging paradigm of cellular organization - the dynamic compartmentalization of biochemical pathways and molecules by phase separation into distinct and multi-phase condensates. Motivated by...
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Projective vs. abelian geometry


September 22, 2021      4:30 pm
Speaker: Mihnea Popa - Harvard University

Projective space and complex tori are two of the simplest types of manifolds we encounter, and in many ways they seem very different from each other. I will try to...
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Tautological classes of matroids


September 21, 2021      3:00 pm
Speaker: Christopher Eur - Harvard University

Algebraic geometry has furnished fruitful tools for studying matroids, which are combinatorial abstractions of hyperplane arrangements.  We first survey some recent developments, pointing out how these developments remained partially disjoint....
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