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Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics: Metals with strongly correlated electrons: quantum criticality, disordered interactions, Planckian dissipation, and scale invariance


January 18, 2022      2:30 pm
Speaker: Aavishkar Patel - UC Berkeley

Metals that do not fit Landau’s famous Fermi liquid paradigm of quasiparticles are plentiful in experiments, but constructing their theoretical description is a major challenge in modern quantum many-body physics. I...
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CMSA : The longest induced path in a sparse random graph


December 14, 2021      9:30 am
Speaker: Stefan Glock - ETH Zurich

A long-standing problem in random graph theory has been to determine asymptotically the length of a longest induced path in sparse random graphs. Independent work of {\L}uczak and Suen from...
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CMSA Math-Science Literature Lecture Series


December 9, 2021      9:30 am
Speaker: Karen Uhlenbeck - Institute for Advanced Study

will speak on: The Noether Theorems in Geometry: Then and Now The 1918 Noether theorems were a product of the general search for energy and momentum conservation in Einstein’s newly...
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