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An open case showing a 19mm film reel.

Andrew Gleason in Black and White

Found Film Offers Glimpse of Department Past It was a business-as-usual day in the fall of 2022 when a small but meaningful piece of department history was unearthed while cleaning...
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On the left, a black and white historical photo of mathematician Emmy Noether. On the right a black and white photo of actor Anita Zieher portraying Emmy Noether.

Emmy Noether Takes Center Stage

Just over a year ago on a warm September Saturday, the Harvard Department of Mathematics and the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (CMSA) hosted a unique event celebrating the...
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A middle-aged man wearing glasses, a white shirt, and a navy suit jacket is smiling and looking head-on at the camera with his arms crossed.

The Human Nature of Mathematics

On Thursday, October 6, the Harvard Human Flourishing Program will bring Dr. Francis Su to Sever Hall to talk about mathematics for human flourishing. Su received his A.M and Ph.D....
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