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A black and white headshot of an older man smiling at the camera.

Barry Mazur Awarded 2022 Chern Medal

Mazur received the award for his work in topology, arithmetic geometry, and number theory, and for his leadership and generosity in shaping the next generation of mathematicians. Earlier today at...
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Illustration of a boy leaning against a blackboard and a girl writing Math 55 on it with chalk.

Demystifying Math 55

By Anastasia Yefremova Few undergraduate level classes have the distinction of nation-wide recognition that Harvard University’s Math 55 has. Officially comprised of Mathematics 55A “Studies in Algebra and Group Theory”...
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Michael Simkin

Michael Simkin Answers n-Queens Problem

Michael Simkin, post-doctoral fellow at Harvard's CMSA, has an answer for the 150-year-old chess-based n-queens problem. An article on the n-queens problem and its answer is in The Harvard Gazette....
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