A closeup of a white magnolia flower in rain.

Math Department Representing at Harvard Staff Art Show

The 2024 Harvard Staff Art Show celebrates the creative work of the Harvard University staff through an online exhibition, local shows, and artist events across the University.  This year’s show features over 400 artworks by 240 artists, including our very own Assistant Director of Research and Finance, Anna Kreslavskaya!

Anna’s Artistic Statement: In my artistic journey, I draw inspiration from the poignant reflection on the ephemeral nature of flowers, their radiant and glorious moments of blooming, acknowledging their irretrievable death. My art is a testament to finding the strength in embracing the remnants of beauty that persist, weaving the narrative in our works that celebrate resilience, glory, joy and enduring power of life. Anna Kreslavskaya captures the world through the lens of her camera. Flowers are her favorite models with whom she shares her emotions through conversation. Contemplating the art of flowers enables one to exist within a moment, offering a meditative process that restores inner balance in the midst of a busy world.

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