The Gopakumar-Vafa invariants for local P2


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October 6, 2020 8:00 am - 9:00 am
via Zoom Video Conferencing

Lutian Zhao - UIUC

In this talk, I will introduce the Gopakumar-Vafa(GV) invariant and show one calculation on the nonreduced cycle. The GV invariant is an integral invariant predicted by physicists that counts the number of curves inside a given Calabi-Yau threefold. The definition has been conjectured by Maulik-Toda in 2016 in terms of perverse sheaf. I’ll use this definition on the total space of the canonical bundle of P2 and compute the associated invariants. This verifies a physical formula based on the work of Katz-Klemm-Vafa in 1997.