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June 15, 2021 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sergiu Klainerma - Princeton University

TITLE: Nonlinear stability of Kerr black holes for small angular momentum

ABSTRACT: According to a well-known conjecture,   initial data sets,  for the Einstein vacuum equations, sufficiently close to a Kerr solution with parameters $a, m$, $|a|/m <1$, have maximal developments with complete future null infinity and with domain of outer communication (i.e complement of a future event horizon)   which approaches  (globally)  a nearby Kerr solution.
I will describe the main ideas in my recent joint work with Jeremie Szeftel concerning the resolution of the conjecture for small angular momentum, i.e. $, $|a|/m $ sufficiently small. The work, ArXiv:2104.11857v1,  also depends on forthcoming work on solutions of nonlinear wave equations in realistic perturbations of Kerr,  with Szeftel and Elena Giorgi,  which I will also describe.
Talk char: Lydia Bieri

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