CMSA Active Matter Seminar: Control of parametric amplification in space-time modulated mechanical metamaterials


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May 2, 2024 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Jefferson 256

Jayson Paulose - University of Oregon

Active mechanical metamaterials harbor acoustic signal processing functionalities that are impossible to achieve in passive structures. Amplifying an elastic wave as it passes through the material is a prominent example, with potential applications in acoustic signal processing and loss mitigation. The fundamental mechanism for signal amplification of this kind is the parametric amplifier--an oscillator whose stiffness is periodically modulated in time, which can inject energy into mechanical oscillations. Typically, parametric amplification occurs at distinct modulation frequencies that are trivially related to the resonance modes of the unmodulated system, which restricts its utility for amplifying signals with complex spatial or spectral structure. In this talk, I'll show how spatial variation of the modulation phase in parametric oscillator networks enables amplification phenomena that are far richer than those achievable by uncoupled and uncoordinated parametric amplifiers. Examples include turning off parametric resonances for particular vibrational modes in small assemblies [1], and achieving nonreciprocal broadband amplification in periodic arrays [2]. The existence of parametric resonances is tied to the internal symmetries inherent to mechanical systems as well as the symmetries obeyed by the parametric variation in space and time, through an exact theoretical framework that augments the standard Floquet analysis of space-time modulated systems.

[1] Melkani and Paulose, arXiv:2310.08734
[2] Kruss and Paulose, PRApplied17, 024020 (2022)

This seminar will be held in person and on Zoom.

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