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CMSA Colloquium: Langlands duality for 3 manifolds


September 29, 2021      9:30 am
Speaker: David Jordan - University of Edinburgh

Langlands duality began as a deep and still mysterious conjecture in number theory, before branching into a similarly deep and mysterious conjecture of Beilinson and Drinfeld concerning the algebraic geometry...
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Geometric Set Theory


September 30, 2021      4:30 pm
Speaker: Paul Larson - Miami University

The field of Geometric Set Theory studies structures on sets of countable objects (typically Polish spaces) by considering virtual objects, typically uncountable sets representing members of the space under consideration...
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Math Science Lectures in Honor of Raoul Bott


October 4, 2021 - October 5, 2021      11:00 am
Speaker: Michael Freedman - Microsoft

On October 4th and October 5th, 2021, Harvard CMSA will host its annual Math Science Lectures in Honor of Raoul Bott. This year’s speaker will be Michael Freedman (Microsoft). The lectures will take place from 11:00am...
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Bott periodicity, algebro-geometrically


October 5, 2021      3:00 pm
Speaker: Ravi Vakil - Stanford University

I will report on joint work with Hannah Larson, and joint work in progress with Jim Bryan, in which we try to make sense of Bott periodicity from a naively...
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