Commendations for Extraordinary Teaching

Dean of Undergraduate Education Amanda Claybaugh sent letters of Special Commendation for Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times to

  • Wes Cain
  • Janet Chen
  • Voula Collins
  • David Freund
  • Dusty Grundmeier
  • Flor Hunziker
  • Oliver Knill
  • Drew Zemke

The Commendations read:

[W]e decided this spring that we couldn’t ask students to evaluate their courses and their instructors as they ordinarily would, given the magnitude of the disruption caused by the pandemic and by the abrupt shift to remote teaching. As a result, we’re not able to recognize excellence in teaching in the customary way.

I did ask all the undergraduates, however, if there were any instructors who deserved recognition for their work this spring. The undergraduates named 281 of out of over 2,500 working this semester, and you were one of them. Your students praised your flexibility and creativity in adapting to online teaching–and your compassionate response to the challenges they faced.

I want to join your students in thanking you for your work. That we were able, in the midst of all the disruptions, to continue offering a meaningful education to our students is due entirely to instructors like you.