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Next Seminar 01/24/17:Yong Lin: Heat kernel estimate and solution of semi linear heat equations on graphs, more...
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01/24/2017 Spring 2017 Tutorials:Category theory, Representations and cohomology of groups, by Justin Campbell and Meng Guo, Harvard University. More ... mathtable talk

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Disseration and Schafer prizes

Hannah Larson
Hannah Larson
Yunqing Tang
Yunqing Tang
  • Congratulations to Yunqing Tang who has been awarded the Inaugural AWM Dissertation Prize by the Association for Women in Mathematics. From the citation: "Yunqing's thesis touches two of the most difficult problems in arithmetic geometry: the famous Grothendieck-Katz p-curvature conjecture which goes back over 30 years, and the Ogus crystalline Mumford-Tate conjecture. Yunqing made very important progress on both problems." AWM newsletter.
  • Congratulations to Hannah Larson, Harvard Undergraduate, who was recently awarded the Alice T. Schafer Prize. The prize will be awarded at the AMS meeting in January. Congratulations!

The news and events page shows older announcements ...

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