ESP is an academic enrichment program that seeks to support students who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields who are concurrently studying introductory calculus.

ESP participants must be concurrently enrolled in Math M, our yearround precalculus & calculus blended course, and interested in pursuing a STEM concentration.

ESP consists of participation in a full-year seminar on problem-solving, a weekly discussion-based lunch series focused on academic issues, featuring faculty guests, customized academic advising tailored to students’ unique needs, and an opportunity to take Math 1b and one other course with expert faculty members in the summer following their freshman year.

STEM-interested first-year students who are planning on taking Math M.

While program-associated coursework exists only during a student’s first year, the program and its support systems and resources extend through all four years of a student’s time here at Harvard.