CMSA Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics: An analytic bootstrap approach for CFTs on RP^d and CFTs with boundaries


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December 10, 2020 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
via Zoom Video Conferencing

Xinan Zhou - Princeton PCTS

In this talk, I will introduce an analytic bootstrap approach for two-point correlation functions in CFTs on real projective space, and CFTs with a conformal boundary. We will use holography as a kinematical tool to derive universal results. By examining the conformal block decomposition properties of exchange diagrams in AdS space, we identify a useful new basis for decomposing correlators. The dual basis gives rise to a basis of functionals, whose actions we can compute explicitly via holography. Applying these functionals to the crossing equations, we can systematically extract constraints on the CFT data in the form of sum rules. I will demonstrate this analytic method in the canonical example of \phi^4 theory in d=4-\epsilon, fixing the CFT data to \epsilon^2.