CMSA Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics: Un-nuclear physics: conformal symmetry in nuclear reactions


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August 5, 2021 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
via Zoom Video Conferencing

Hans-Werner Hammer - TU Darmstadt

I discuss a nonrelativistic version of Georgi’s "unparticle physics". An "un-nucleus" is a field in a nonrelativistic conformal field theory characterized by a mass and a scaling dimension. It is realized approximately in high-energy nuclear reactions involving emission of a few neutrons with relative energies between about 0.1 MeV and 5 MeV. Conformal symmetry predicts a power law behavior of the inclusive cross section in this kinematic regime. I compare the predictions with previous theoretical calculations of nuclear reactions and point out opportunities to measure un-nuclei at radioactive beam facilities. Finally, I comment on the possibility to create unparticles of neutral D mesons in short-distance reactions at the LHC.