29 Nov: Finitely many algebraically primitive Teichm├╝ller curves in genus g at least 3
Jane Wang, MIT

8 Nov: Square-tilings of modular curves X(d)
Eduard Duryev, Harvard University

1 Nov: Cohomology of arithmetic groups and characteristic classes of manifold bundles
Bena Tshishiku, Harvard University

25 Oct: The metastable homology of mapping class groups
Sander Kupers, Harvard University

18 Oct: Algebraic dynamics from topological and holomorphic dynamics
Rohini Ramadas, Harvard University

4 Oct: Divergent trajectories in arithmetic homogeneous spaces of rational rank two
Nattalie Tamam, Tel-Aviv University

27 Sep: Trees in degenerating families of rational maps and isometric G-actions
Yusheng Luo, Harvard University

20 Sep: Plane curves, (higher) spin structures, and mapping class groups
Nick Salter, Harvard University

13 Sep: Tilings and Hurwitz theory
Phil Engel, Harvard University