Yongquan Zhang

Me at my high school library

I am a fourth-year graduate student in mathematics at Harvard University. My advisor is Curt McMullen. Before coming to Harvard, I was a math major at Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong.

My email address is yqzhang (at) math.harvard.edu.

Research interests

I am currently working on hyperbolic geometry and Kleinian groups. As an undergrad, I did some summer research on Smale's mean value conjecture and finite Blaschke products under the supervision of Prof. Tuen Wai Ng. I also did my final year project on several complex variables with Prof. Ngaiming Mok, in particular, L^2 techniques in several complex variables and their applications to complex geometry.

Current and past projects

  1. Constructing an acylindrical convex cocompact hyperbolic threefold with quasi-Fuchsian boundary. Some animations illustrating the example can be found here. A paper detailing the construction can be found here. For a much shorter (and smaller in file size) excerpt focusing solely on the example see here (this is an excerpt of an earlier draft, in the current version this section is significantly simplified).

  2. Generalized factorials on the image set of polynomials with integer coefficients. Directed Studies in Mathematics at HKU, under the supervision of Prof. Kai Man Tsang. The final report can be found here.

  3. Smale's mean value conjecture and finite Blaschke products. Summer research fellowship at Faculty of Science, HKU, under the supervision of Prof. Tuen Wai Ng. Our published paper can be found here: arxiv, journal.


  1. Galois groups of enumerative problems. My minor thesis.

  2. d-bar equations with L^2 estimates. Undergraduate final year project under the supervision of Prof. Ngaiming Mok.


  1. This semester (Fall 2019), I am the Course Assistant for Math 212a Advanced Real Analysis taught by Prof. McMullen. The course homepage is here.

  2. Spring 2019, Proof Seminars for Math 22b Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis. The course homepage is here.

  3. Spring 2018, Math 21a Multivariable Calculus, Teaching Fellow. I was awarded Certificate of Distinction in Teaching by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard.

See my webpage in Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Spanish (español).