Math 230a: Differential Geometry

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1-2pm, Science Center 310

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Tristan Collins
Email: tcollins at math dot harvard dot edu
Office: Science Center 239


The Syllabus for the course is available here .

Course References


This is approximate.

Date Material Problems/Handouts
Aug. 30-Sept. 1 Smooth Manifolds: References: (T)-Chapter 1, (L1)-Chapter 1
Homework 1
Sept.6-8 Tangent Vectors, The Lie Bracket, Lie Groups Homework 2
Sept. 11-15 Lie Groups and Vector Bundles: (T)-Chapters 2 and 3 Homework 3
Sept. 18-22 Vector bundles: (T) Chapter 4, 5 Homework 4
Sept. 25- Oct. 13 Vector bundles, Metrics, Geodesics Homework 5