Using TLS on

To encrypt your communication with this site, and more importantly make sure you are talking to the right server, you can use Transport Layer Security.

To do so, simply change the http in the URL to https. If you use Firefox, you can use addons such as Redirector to avoid doing this manually.

Downloading my certificate

Because I haven't paid large corporations to sign my certificate, most browsers will issue a warning when visiting this site with HTTPS.

This is why you should download my certificate, explicitely verify its PGP signature, and tell your browser to trust it. More explicitely, on a UNIX-like system you can run the following commands:

$ wget
$ gpg --verify svasey_org.cer.sig

For the last command to work, you will need to fetch my PGP key. You can then tell your browser to trust svasey_org.cer. The way to do this is browser-dependent.

You can also replace svasey_org by svasey_root in the above instructions, in order to download my self-signed root certificate.


Root certificate

The fingerprints of the svasey root certificate (svasey_root.cer) are:

SHA1: D2:E0:1C:64:AF:02:EF:12:CB:8D:4E:6A:65:C2:D1:2F:57:53:02:4C
MD5 : 4C:F4:49:FE:2B:AE:03:EE:B0:86:43:D5:8A:09:DF:BB certificate

The fingerprints of the certificate (svasey_org.cer) are:

SHA1: CC:2F:2D:8A:59:88:66:87:35:31:1C:BB:D1:35:B0:B5:4B:5E:E7:5D
MD5 : 57:21:E4:21:FB:85:5D:A0:B4:21:0C:93:CF:95:13:D7