Urpkg User Manual

Sebastien Vasey

urpkg 20110630

I hereby release this software in the public domain. This means that you can use and distribute it in whatever way you see fit. However, if you want to re-publish it, I ask you to please put a link to its web page, and mention my name. You are not forced to do it, but that would be a way to say thanks ! See also: My copyright page

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What is urpkg ?
How can urpkg be useful ?
2. Getting started
Compiling and installing urpkg
Extracting the tarball
Configuring the build
Compiling urpkg
Installing urpkg
Creating a test package
Creating the destination directories
Creating the source files
Adding installation directories and shared files
Installing a program
Playing with the program's files
Pre and post install scripts
The preinstall script
The postinstall scripts
Creating a Slackware package
Listing the package's file
Creating the package
Uninstalling a program
3. How urpkg works
Package user and package name
Generating a username
Finding the package user owning a file
Finding a package name
Installation groups and file permissions
The sticky bit
Package user groups
Owner and group of a package's file
Package directories
The configuration directory
The find script
The preinstall script
The postinstall scripts
Environment variables
Owned and added files
Which file belong to a package ?
What gets removed or listed ?
What about directories ?
4. Using urpkg
Common problems
Programs writing in the current directory
Programs writing to non-install directories
Unwanted permission/ownership changes
Overwritten or deleted files
5. Contributing to urpkg