Chapter 5. Contributing to urpkg

There are several ways you can contribute to urpkg. One way is to report bugs, another way is to help writing documentation (or correct the existing one. I think there is already a fair number of English mistakes in that document :-) ). You could also try writing patches implementing the features you want that are not yet in urpkg. Also, simply asking questions (that are not answered within this manual) is a great way to participate.

Whatever you decide to do, please send the content to sebastien dot vasey at gmail dot com

Urpkg also has a webpage. See the urpkg webpage for the most up to date information.

Reporting bugs

So you have found a bug ? Great ! Please report it to me. But before doing that, ensure that...

  • The bug still exists in the latest version of urpkg

  • You are able to reproduce the bug.

When you report a bug, you should always, if possible

  • Include information on how to reproduce the bug

  • Include as verbose as possible output from your program. This means running urpkg with the --debug switch if possible.

  • Include the versions of urpkg on which the bug applies (use --version).

  • Include the output of urpkg --info