Chapter 1. Introduction

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What is urpkg ?
How can urpkg be useful ?

What is urpkg ?

urpkg is a software to install programs in a safe and undoable way. One could call it a package management software, although its features are somewhat scarce compared to the other tools in that domain. Urpkg let you install programs (usually from source, although you could also consider using another package manager for example) in such a way that you have complete controls over where the installation program has access. Once your software is installed, it is very easy to list its files and uninstall it in case you are not satisfied.

Under the hood, urpkg creates a user for each program that you install and run the installation command as this user. The command is therefore never given root access and will not be allowed to do any unwanted damages as it may happen if you run the usual sudo make install for example.