Firefox tips and tricks

This page documents how to do some non-obvious things with Firefox.

Unless noted otherwise, the instructions apply to Firefox 3.5 .

Clearing your private data

If you want to clear your history and your HTTP-authenticated sessions, follow those steps:

  1. Click Menu -> Edit -> Preference
  2. Go to Privacy -> Clear all current history
  3. Select your time range and click on Clear now

Getting a warning on quit

Since you can easily quit firefox by mistake, e.g by typing Ctrl-q instead of Ctrl-w, getting a warning asking whether we are sure is nice. Unfortunately a bug in firefox 3.5 disables this behavior under some circumstances

I haven't found a fix that worked for me: even installing Tab Mix Plus could not do anything when I did a Ctrl-q.

Backing up your configuration

To backup my firefox configuration and extensions, I use an extension called FEBE .