list2pkg User Manual

Sebastien Vasey

list2pkg 1.3-4-g8b1920d-+

I hereby release this software in the public domain. This means that you can use and distribute it in whatever way you see fit. However, if you want to re-publish it, I ask you to please put a link to its web page, and mention my name. You are not forced to do it, but that would be a way to say thanks ! See also: My copyright page

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What is list2pkg ?
2. Getting started
Installing list2pkg
Extracting the tarball
Building the documentation
Running the installation script
Creating your first package
The file list
The package tree
The package file
Putting it all together
The package's content
3. Using list2pkg
Customizing your package
Changing makepkg's behavior
Changing the content of the install/ directory
Changing the package tree's content
Users and groups handling
The perfect package
The package's file name
Install locations
Permissions and Ownership
Tricky cases
Symbolic links
4. Contributing to list2pkg