Note:This is just a bunch of ugly bash scripts that more or less work on my laptop. As mentionned below, this is just a "quick and dirty" approach, a better design is definitely needed. I am not interested in this particular project anymore. Try to avoid using it if possible.


Autonet is a quick and dirty alternative to the GNOME Network Manager. It automates the process of connecting to your favorite wired or wireless networks, while trying to stay robust and customizable.


  • Supports both wired and wireless networks
  • Configurable via simple plain text files
  • No interaction required: works in the background
  • Constantly monitors the network connection and tries to reconnect when it fails
  • Customizable: can be given post/pre connect script as well as connection-testing scripts...
  • Released in the Public Domain


February 4th 2010: version 2010204

Initial release.


Autonet is available both as a Pacman package (x86_64 only), or in source form. For source or Pacman installation, please refer to the Generic download and install instructions.


See the autonet documentation page.