Deep Pink


Deep Pink is a connect 5 (Gomoku) program, written in C++. Deep Pink was originally written for playing a connect 5 tournament, which it won.

Deep Pink finds its moves by calculating simple heuristics, and does not do any kind of backtracking. It generally runs very quickly (e.g it takes it less than 0.1 seconds to finish a game against itself on my computer).

Deep Pink reads its moves from standard input, and outputs them to standard output. It is therefore very easy to make it play against another engine or a human. There is no graphical interface, though.

Deep Pink should work on any UNIX-like system, and is free software distributed under the MIT License.


Deep Pink plays a variant of the classical connect 5 rules described on Wikipedia. The game is played on a board of 20 by 20 squares. If the board ends-up full with no five stones aligned, the player with the highest number of four stones lines wins. If they are still equal, check the lines of three stones, etc... If by any chance there is a total equality, the win is awarded to the second player.


Deep Pink was written by Sebastien Vasey and Yann Schoenenberger (yann dot sch at gmail dot com).


Deep Pink is available both as a Pacman package (x86_64 only), or in source form. For source or Pacman installation, please refer to the Generic download and install instructions.


The source tarball contains some documentation on how the program works, but it is really hard to read: do not even try ! This may get fixed some day...