Darwrap is a backup program using Dar. It can be used to automate your backup to a local hard drive, a remote filesystem (using rsync), or even Amazon S3. Differential backup, cryptographic signing and encryption are supported.


  • Supports archive encryption and signing
  • Can add redundancy using parchive
  • Supports differential backups using the tower of Hanoi rotation scheme
  • The backup process can easily be interrupted and resumed
  • Completely automated restoration
  • Released in the Public Domain


January 3rd 2012

Fixed a bug in the rsync destination type that would occur with large backups.

July 1st 2011

Added the rsync destination type to allow remote backups with rsync and SSH.

April 6th 2010

  • The user can now prevent a backup process from running.
  • The user can now kill a backup process.
  • Faster process management code.

February 8th 2010

  • Added support for cryptographic signing of backup archives.
  • Can now pass options to gpg from the configuration file.

February 4th 2010

Initial release.


Darwrap is available both as a Pacman package (x86_64 only), or in source form. For source or Pacman installation, please refer to the Generic download and install instructions.


See the darwrap documentation page.