About this site

This page contains notes on how my website was designed and is managed, as well as information on copyright, standards and the site's design philosophy.

Authenticated and encrypted access

The site can be accessed over TLS, but you will have to manually fetch my certificate. Have a look at the site's TLS documentation.

Web standards

I try to follow web standards as well as I can. All my pages should be valid XHTML 1.0 transitional, meaning that any standard-abiding browser should be able to display them so that they look "reasonably well".

If you think some of my pages are broken with your browser, or if you have a suggestion on standards or accessibility, by all means contact me.

Design Philosophy

Content types

Most pages are available in HTML, printable HTML, plain text, or PDF.

Printable HTML

The printable HTML version is the same as the HTML one, but without fancy footers and headers, and optimized for printing.

Plain text

The plain text version was used to generate the HTML one. It can be useful if you want to see the source or if your browser cannot render the page correctly.


The PDF version is useful if you want to print and read the webpage's content offline. It is generated using LateX

Look and feel

The site's design is intentionally minimalistic. Black text on a white background without any fancy design elements is the rule.

I consider my webpage as a mean to convey information, not entertainement. It seems to me text is one of the best way to transfer information, whereas images and other multimedia content should be used sparsely and only as illustration.

The minimalistic design has another advantage: it makes the pages weight very little and hence load very fast !