Math 269X Model theory for abstract elementary classes (Spring 2018)

Instructor: Sebastien Vasey
Office: Science Center 321H
Email: sebv (at) math (dot) harvard (dot) edu
Office hours: By appointment
Lectures: MWF 11AM-12PM SC 310

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Lecture notes (last updated Feb. 13, 2018).

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Last Fall, Will Boney gave a course on abstract elementary classes which also had lecture notes. The focus of the present course will be different, and I will try not to repeat too many proofs that Will presented while staying self-contained. Will's notes may still be helpful.

Rami Grossberg has for many years been writing a book on model theory, encompassing in particular abstract elementary classes. He kindly agreed to make his book available to students of this class via a protected directory. Please ask me for the password. If you use this link, you agree not to share the book without Prof. Grossberg's written permission.

Most chapters of Saharon Shelah's 2009 books are available online from the list of Shelah's papers.