Aug 2017 - Present Benjamin Peirce Fellow, Harvard University
Sept 2016 - July 2017 Member, Institute for Advanced Study


2010 - 2016 PhD, University of California, San Diego
Advisor: Mark Gross
2014 - 2016 Visiting graduate student, University of Cambridge


2016 - 2018 Croucher Foundation, Honorary Fellowship
April, 2013 International Graduate Student Award, University of California, San Diego
June, 2010 Epsilon Fund Award, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Nov 2008 Dean honor list of Science Faculty, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Apr 2008 Dr. Chao Yong Chi-hsing Mathematics Scholarship, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Apr 2007 Dr. Chao Yong Chi-hsing Mathematics Scholarship, Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Tropical techniques in cluster theory and enumerative geometry PhD thesis
  • (joint with Mark Gross, Greg Muller, Gregg Musiker, Dylan Rupel, Salvature Stella, Harold Williams)The greedy basis equals the theta basis arXiv:1508.01404 (Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 145, 150-171)
  • (joint with Lorenzo Fantini, Jennifer Park, Martin Ulirsch) Faithful Realizability of Tropical Curves arXiv:1410.4152 (International Mathematics Research Notices, 2016(15), 4706-4727)
  • (joint with Christian Ikenmeyer, Sevak Mrchtkyan) Symmetrizing Tableaux and the 5th case of the Foulkes Conjecture (arXiv:1509.03944) (Journal of Symbolic Computation, 80, 833-843)
  • (joint with Nolan Wallach) Ricci flow and curvature on the variety of flags on the two dimensional projective space over the complexes, quaternions and the octonions - arXiv:1206.2596 (Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 143 (2015), 369-378)
  • (under supervision of Jing-Song Huang) The model orbit in G_2 - Master thesis

Talks given: (Selected)

May, 2017 Mirror Symmetry Conference for Young Mathematicians, University of Michigan
Apr, 2017 Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference 2017
Feb, 2017 Cluster Algebras and Log GW Invariants in GS program, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Jan, 2017 Workshop on Homological Mirror Symmetry, University of Miami
Aug, 2016 Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
May, 2016 Wall-crossing and quiver varieties, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
May, 2016 Quivers and Bipartite Graphs: Physics and Mathematics, Notre Dame Global Gateway Centre
Jan, 2016 Pure Mathematics Research Seminar, University of East Anglia
Dec, 2015 National Taiwan University
Nov, 2015 Algebraic Geometry Seminar, University of Pavia
Aug, 2015 Algebraic Geometry Seminar, KU Leuven
May, 2015 Deformation Theory, Homological Mirror Symmetry and Noncommutative Geometry, Universty of Copenhagen
Dec, 2014 Conference on Strings, Quivers and Cluster Algebras in Mathematical Physics in Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)
Nov, 2014 More Algebraic Geometry at Imperial College seminar (MAGIC), UK
Nov, 2014 Geometry Tea, University of Cambridge, UK
Oct, 2014 Workshohp on Cluster Algebras and Preprojective Algebras, Cardiff University, UK
July, 2014 Enrichment Programmme for Young Mathematics Talents - Ricci Flow, Wallach Spaces and High School Calculus
June, 2014 Mathematics Research Communities - Cluster Algebras
Jan, 2014 Algebraic and Tropical Geometry Seminar, Yale University
Dec, 2013 The Institute of Mathematics Sciences, CUHK
Oct, 2013 Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
June 2013 MIT-RTG Mirror Symmetry Workshop
Apr 2013 Women in Mathematics Symposium, UCSD
Mar 2013 Geometry seminar, Texas A&M University


See Teaching
Students' evaluation of MATH10A


2015-2016 Webmaster of Emmy Noether Society in University of Cambridge
2014-2015 Society Secretary of Emmy Noether Society in University of Cambridge
2013-2014 Treasurer of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) in UCSD
2012-2014 Mentor in Graduate Undergraduate Learning Program, UCSD (supervising 4 math. undergraduate on 2 projects)
April, 2013 Organizer of Undergraduate Math. Day in UCSD
Spring, 2013 Organizer of a mathematics booth in San Diego Science Festival
Mar, 2013 Volunteer in UC San Diego Women's Conference
Fall 2012 Organizer of Women in Mathematics luncheon in UCSD
Fall 2011 International Student Ambassador in the 2011 New Teaching Assistant Training in UCSD
Fall 2011 Mentor in Expanding Your Horizons held in San Diego
Dec 2006 Voluntary Teaching in Guizhou, China
Summer 2006 Organizing Committee member of The Sport Day for Learning Disabled 2006 (was awarded Silver Award for Volunteer Service by Volunteer Movement, Hong Kong)

Conference attended (selected):

Jan 2017 Stability conditions, DT-invariants and cluster varieties, University of Sheffield
Aug 2016 Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry, Fields Institute
Mar 2016 Cluster algebras and wall-crossing, Mathematical Sciences Research Institutey
Mar 2016 Conference on Mirror Symmetry and Wall-Crossing, UC Berkeley
June 2015 Sage Days 64.5: Cluster Algebras - IMA, University of Minnesota
March 2015 Cluster algebras and integrable systems - Durham University
June 2014 Nordfjordeid Summer school 2014: Toric degenerations and mirror symmetry; Sophus Lie Centre
June 2014 Cluster Algebra; Mathematics Research Communities
Oct 2013 Workshop on Enumerative geometry and Calabi-Yau varieties; Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Aug 2013 Introductory summer school on Calabi-Yau varieties; Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics; Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
June 2013 Tropical and Nonarchimedean Analytic Geometry; Mathematics Research Communities
May 2013 2013 MIT-RTG Mirror Symmetry Workshop
Apr 2013 1st Women in Mathematics in Southern California Symposium 2013
Feb 2013 Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium
Aug 2012 Joint Introductory Workshop: Cluster Algebras and Commutative Algebra
Connections For Women: Joint Workshop on Commutative Algebra and Cluster Algebras by Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
June 2012 Geometry and Representation Theory Related to Geometric Complexity and Other Variants of P v. NP ; Mathematics Research Communities
July 2011 Toric Varieties in Cortona; MSRI
Mar 2011 Lie Theory and Its Applications Conference in Honor of Nolan Wallach
June 2009 2009 Nankai University summer school on Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis
June 2008 2008 Nankai University summer school on Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis

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