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11/7: We are now moving into the third third of Ma21a which I am giving the title "Integrating vector fields."

11/3: Congratulations on completing the second midterm. The global average and standard deviation were 80 and 9, respectively.

10/23: This website is up! I will be updating as I find old worksheets, write new worksheets/notes, and learn html. I urge you all to take a look at the notes. Those are new. They form an organized compilation of all important definitions, theorems, and proofs covered since the first midterm.


Final: 12/13
Midterm 2: 11/2 (covers in-class material up to 10/27)
Midterm 1: 9/28

Course material

This is basically what we discovered so far.

Week Topic Worksheets Notes
Week 1: Vectors, distances, dot product
Week 2: Cross product, level sets
Week 3: Parametrizations, coordinates 1 2
Week 4: Midterm review, Limits 1 see Week 6 notes
Week 5: PDE, Linear approximation 1 see Week 6 notes
Week 6: Higher dimensional derivatives Gradient and directional derivatives
Week 7: Extremal problems 1 2 Critical points and Lagrange multipliers
Week 8: Higher dimensional integrals higher integrals and change of variables
Week 9: Midterm review, triple integrals Triple Coords Oliver's review outline (strange contrast edition) and Review worksheet
Week 10: Vector fields, line integrals quality worksheet 1-vfs Higher dimensional FTC
Week 11: Green's Theorem, flux integrals Green's Theorem and Flux Look at those ^^
Week 12: Stokes' Theorem and Thanksgiving Stokes
Week 13: Divergence Theorem and Review

Vector fields on S^2! --> .
This is what my design school friend told me is the best way to remember that the surface area of a sphere is 4 pi r^2.


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