Categorical Logic (278x) Categorical Logic (278x)

Time and place: MWF 2-3, Science Center 222

Professor: Jacob Lurie
Office: Science Center 514
Office hours: Wednesday 3-4 (or by appointment).
The course syllabus.

Lectures (Warning: lecture notes are unpolished. Use at own risk.):

Lecture 1: Overview.

Lecture 2: Syntax.

Lecture 3: Structure of Weak Syntactic Categories.

Lecture 4: Coherent Categories.

Lecture 5: Booleanization.

Lecture 6: Completeness Theorems.

Lecture 7: Pretopoi.

Lecture 8: Grothendieck Topologies.

Lecture 9: Sheaves and Sheafification.

Lecture 10: Giraud's Theorem.

Lecture 11: Coherent Topoi.

Lecture 12: Geometric Morphisms.

Lecture 13: Elimination of Imaginaries.

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