Bao's webpage

Bao V. Le Hung

Harvard Mathematics Department
1 Oxford Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138

I am a fifth year graduate student at Harvard university under the supervision of Professor Richard Taylor . I am applying for postdoctoral positions this year.

I am interested in Algebraic Number Theory, Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic Geometry. My primary research interest is in the automorphy of Galois representations and motives.

Here is my CV, Research statement and Teaching statement.


Elliptic curves over real quadratic fields are modular.
arxiv1310.7088. With N.Freitas and S.Siksek. [pdf]

Modularity of some elliptic curves over totally real fields.
arxiv1309.4143. [pdf]

Average size of the 2-Selmer group of elliptic curves over function fields.
With P.Q.Ho and B.C.Ngo. [pdf]

Other writings

Introduction to elliptic curves.
A brief introduction to the theory of elliptic curves, written for a summer school at VIASM (warning: many typos not fixed, use at your own risk). [pdf]

Arithmetic algebraicity theorems and applications.
Harvard Minor thesis [pdf]

Derived categories, t-structures and stability conditions.
Essay for Part III Mathematics in Cambridge (now called Master of Mathematics). [pdf]

Modular units and units in division fields of elliptic curves.
An expository note about modular units. [pdf]