Krishanu Sankar

E-mail:  ksankar[at]math[dot]harvard[dot]edu

I am a graduate student at Harvard university and my advisor is Mike Hopkins . I will be a postdoc at the University of British Columbia starting September 2017.

My current research is in algebraic topology. More precisely, I am intrigued by the interplay and differences between characteristic zero and positive characteristic algebraic phenomena, and I think these manifest richly in homotopy theory.

Here is my CV.


  • Symmetric Powers and the Equivariant Dual Steenrod Algebra (PhD thesis) Final version. The mod p symmetric powers of the G-equivariant sphere spectrum form a filtration for HF_p (where F_p is the constant Mackey functor). For G=C_p, I compute the cofibers in this filtration, and when p=2, I use this to compute a decomposition of HF_2 \sm HF_2 into a wedge sum of suspensions of HF_2 by representation spheres.
  • Achievable Sets in Z^n (2012) paper, journal link . I wrote this paper as an undergraduate at the 2010 Duluth REU. A seemingly simple question in number theory led me to my first foray into topology.

    Research and Seminar Talks

  • The Equivariant Symmetric Power Filtration (University of Chicago Topology Seminar, October 2016) notes.
  • The Steenrod Algebra (Harvard Trivial Notions Seminar, November 2016) notes.


    Math 21b: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Spring 2017). I've prepared worksheets and solutions for this course, available in a dropbox folder here.

    Friends and Collaborators

    Erick Knight
    Ben Knudsen
    Ananth Shankar
    Danny (Xiaolin) Shi

    Other Interests

    I spend a lot of time on middle and long distance running. I am a part of Cambridge Running Club. I also like to travel and hike.