H O R N - P L A Y I N G

I play the french horn in chamber ensembles and local community orchestras. Recent concerts include first horn parts in The Rite of Spring with the Mercury Orchestra and Till Eulenspiegel with the Brookline Symphony Orchestra. Before playing in the Boston area, I had a break from the horn. Earlier, living in England, I played in the UK's National Youth Orchestra, community and semi-professional orchestras in London, and student groups in Oxford. I appeared as a concerto soloist a few times, including a performance of the first Strauss concerto with the Oxford University Orchestra, the fourth Mozart concerto with the Orion Orchestra in London, and a work by Alvarez: Montage for clarinet, horn and orchestra, with Michael Collins, clarinet, and the Alvarez Chamber Orchestra. In December 2015, I performed the second Strauss concerto with the Brookline Symphony Orchestra, having won their concerto competition in the members category. You can listen to a recording on Soundcloud.

I was a pupil of Ifor James throughout my teens. Here is a warm-up routine, in a version which he wrote out on two sides of manuscript paper. It consists of long notes, lip trills, high attacks, tounging exercises, scales, and slurred arpeggios on the natural series of the B-flat horn. After a long rest, an exercise in octaves from Arban is suggested, to get the lips mobile again. The routine is designed to work as a whole. For example, while some notes are repeated, others are left out of the series of long notes at the beginning. But the "missing" long notes appear later, with the high attacks.

Ifor James: a warm-up    Warm-Up

Essentially the same routine, and others, appeared in print, in his book, Warming Up.

Picture of a Paxman Peter Kronheimer