Feb 4: Kronecker's congruence and Teichmüller curves in positive characteristic
Ronen Mukamel, University of Chicago

Feb 11: Transversality
John H. Hubbard, Cornell University

Feb 18: Rubber Bands and Rational Maps
Dylan Thurston, Indiana University

Feb 25: Equidistribution of Shears and Applications
Alex Kontorovich, Rutgers University

March 4: Circle actions on the boundary of Schottky space
Alden Walker, University of Chicago

March 11: Hyperbolic extensions of free groups
Sam Taylor, Yale University

March 18: Have a good Spring Break!

March 25: Generalizing Douady's Magic Formula
Adam Epstein, University of Warwick

April 1: On the classification of critically fixed rational maps
Kevin Pilgrim, Indiana University

April 15: Families of K3 surfaces and their asymptotic properties
Simion Filip, University of Chicago

April 22: A case of the dynamical André-Oort conjecture
Holly Krieger, MIT

April 29: A polynomial endomorphism of C^2 with a wandering Fatou component
Matthieu Astorg, Université Paul Sabatier

May 1-3: Reading Group Reunion, Harvard University

May 13: Complex dynamics and elliptic curves
Laura DeMarco, Northwestern University