Science Center Povray Nostalgia

After arriving at Harvard, I scanned some pictures of the science center and wanted to build it in Povray. I worked on it an hour here an hour there. In 2001, I did not find any more time for the project. Here is and science.pov and (pic) leading to this picture. .
I used a slightly extended Povray file to generate some illustrations and also for a funny submission with the Science Center as a theme.

With google earth, the science center has been digitized pretty well commercially and any remaining motivation to continue writing things by hand has of course evaporated for me.

By the way, a group of Harvard students in 2007-8 under the lead of Jason Gao has helped working on digitizing Harvard. Google Earth experiments gives a glimpse on the progress of how fast digitization of cities has made.

Document history:

  • January 6, 2010, Posted document
  • May 24, 2009, Google earth picture shots of Science center
  • 2005: Speculative proposal
  • Jul 2000-Jun 2001, Writing of Povray files