3. April, 2010. The ipad has arrived

List of applications in an educational setup: I think Pogue is wrong with the classification of people who hate or love the ipad. According to his test (Do you use linux? Do you use bittorrent?), I'm a "techie". But I love the innovation of the ipad. Would I like to run any application on the device or rsync my files with it? Hell, yes. But thats not the point. It will take open source many years to come up with something close, certainly also due to patent reasons. Eventually, it will come, but for now, I need a device on which I can keep books and articles. The iPad is for me a good display tool. Like with a display for a computer, or with a phone, I do not expect openness here, but insist on open source where I organize my files and where I really work. Like when working with several books at once, or having several computer displays, I can imagine having several of these tablets lying around in the house.