Some pictures of Widner 2007 for Harvard 3D group

I had been a faculty liaison for a Harvard group called "3D Harvard" led by Jason Gao. The goal had been to digitize Harvard for Google earth. I helped with the Widner library (particularly simple). The group did make quite a bit of progress: an example: Thayer. The pictures below were made of Wider library as I had hoped to build a nice 3D model. The steam went a bit out of the group, once we realized that Google was must faster and more accurate with automatically building the 3D objects from maps. This might also have been one of the reasons, why google sold Sketchup: the machines are just much more efficient than the community in building up the world! The following video from 2016 shows the progress done. 10 years ago, the 3D buildup started. Now we almost have a computer game.